Comprehensive knowledge is our core competency in carrying out successful contract manufacturing jobs. Our current contract manufacturing efforts are mainly with reputable Multi National Corporations and with countries such as US and Europe.

At OCI, we manufacture a comprehensive range of DIY adhesives and sealant of the highest quality. This integrated operation sees an outcome of a world-class product manufactured within our very own plants. With a fully automated environment, OCI manufactures world-class aluminum tubes (10 million tubes a month) that are used in the packaging of adhesives and sealant, and pharmaceutical products, and has a separate plant that specializes in manufacturing adhesives and sealant.

Our outstanding contractual manufacturing effort was awarded officially with the ISO9002. This achievement sets us as a recognized contract manufacturing company internationally, even in this ever-competitive industry .

OCI can handle your contract manufacturing needs from supplier selection to final packaging and distribution. OCI manages materials on either a turn-key or consigned basis according to your project demands. Contact us today to discuss your contract assembly project, and how we can meet your contract manufacturing needs.